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Life in Lockdown Image by Trace Balla. From her latest book 'Landing with Wings'

What's life been like for you in lockdown? 

Have you caught yourself in recent times talking about when life goes back to normal? Have you stopped and wondered if there could be a ‘new normal’ which might be even better than the ‘old normal’?   We’ve been asking ourselves these questions during lockdown at Goldfields Libraries and we want to hear from you too. 

In times to come, historians and others will look back at this time with interest. They will want to know how we lived, what we did and how we felt. The team at Goldfields Libraries have created the ‘Life in Lockdown’ project to record this moment of history in the making, and to offer an opportunity for the community to reflect on and share their experiences of this moment in time. 

Here are some of the ways you can get involved and contribute to our online blog and exhibition, which will then become a physical exhibition and book.

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Workshops for participation and inspiration 

Join local writers, photographers, cartoonists and poets as they share their own work, encourage and support you to create and share your own ‘history catching’ from this time. 

The art of visual journalling

A fantastic opportunity to learn the art of creating a visual journal under the guidance of Heather Blakey (Soul Food Cafe).

Learn different styles of journaling each week, including art journals, altered books and private virtual journals. Heather will guide you with information, inspiration and a weekly challenge which will result in your very own visual journal using words, pictures, and designs of your own making.

More information on each session here.

Weekly sessiosn from Tuesday 14 July - Tuesday 18 August, 11am-12pm


the art of visual journalling

Photography in the time of Corona

Join talented local photographers who have been capturing life during Coronavirus for a show and tell and Q&A to inspire you to share and capture your own photos of life during this history-making time.

Guest photographers include Diana Domonkos (My Covid Life) and Sandy Scheltema (The Driveway Project).

Thursday 23 July, 7.30-8.30pm



Poetry in the time of Corona

Enjoy and share poems created during the time of Corona at this online ‘Open Mic’ session about finding comfort, solace and hope in poetry during challenging times.

Tuesday 28 July, 1-2pm



Postcard to the future

Collect a ‘Life in Lockdown’ postcard to the future from one of our libraries and jot down what 'normal' was like for you before and during Coronavirus, and what you hope a 'new normal' might look like in the future.


I Pledge I pledge campaign

Take part in our “I Pledge” campaign – As the country starts to emerge from isolation, we want to pause, reflect and document what new habits we'd like to hold onto What part of 'Life in Lockdown' do you pledge to maintain?  We'd love to know!  Take a photo of you with your pledge, or find the campaign on your local library facebook page, join in and share.


Letter to your Pre-Covid self

Join this national project and write a letter to your pre-Covid self.  In Australia, only a few months ago we seemed to have lived very different lives, such is the pace of personal and social change that has happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic in such a short timeframe.

Letter to my pre-COVID self helps us to capture a moment in time and allows for a reflection of personal resilience and change. This campaign is the brainchild of Matiu Bush and his One Good Street team.  Matiu says most people who write a letter to their past selves find it very beneficial. Thinking on different timescales can help us to reimagine our present and shows us just how strong we can be.

Below are three questions to get you started

  1. Over the past few months I’ve missed not being able to…
  2. A good thing I discovered about myself during COVID pandemic is
  3. If I was to give advice to my pre-COVID self, I would tell them…

Share your letter to your pre-Covid self with us by email, or send us a snail mail letter for our book and exhibition!  (Don’t forget to keep a copy for yourself)

PO Box 887
Bendigo, Victoria 3552



Read inspiring snippets from our in-house Life in Lockdown story catcher, Marion Yates, on our blog (to come) and on Facebook



Email us your photos, poetry, journaling, art or stories of your experiences of this time

  • Photographs might include signs in shop fronts, empty streets and landmarks, children’s pavement art or nature craft, cooking efforts, gardening efforts, street offerings, neighbourly offerings, your workspace at home, scenes of family life in lockdown, scenes of seeking to connect with elders and other loved ones who we can’t be with physically.
  • Art does not need to be particularly ‘artistic’ (although it can be) – you may be a doodler, a visual journal keeper, a collector of the beauty of nature.  For example: Bendigo Venues & Events - What I did last week online exhibition, or see above (but don’t let us put limits on your imagination!).
  • Writing might include: What gives me hope?  How am I spending my time?  What are the silver linings of this time?  What don’t I want to forget about this time? A day in my life in lockdown. My neighbourhood and community during lockdown.



Image credit: Trace Balla - a sneak peek of her new eBook ‘Bubble Time’, capturing life during Coronavirus. Due for release July 2020. See for more information.