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Child Safe statement

Goldfields Library Corporation is committed to being a child safe and child friendly organisation and has a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse in all its forms. Children – people under the age of 18 – are an integral part of the communities we serve and we welcome their participation in, and enjoyment of our library services.  

We understand the significant role libraries play in our communities and our place in providing a safe and welcoming environment where the voices, opinions and views of children are valued and encouraged. 

We welcome all children and their families and do not tolerate discrimination in any form. We respect and celebrate the cultural and religious diversity of our communities and endeavour to provide services and spaces that promote the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of all children, including Aboriginal children; children of culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds; and children of all abilities.  

We encourage families to participate together in all aspects of the services we provide and to utilise the library as a place to learn and enjoy together. We expect parents and carers to actively supervise their children in our libraries for their own safety. We also expect other library patrons to show respect to children in our libraries and to model appropriate adult behaviour.  

We provide programs, resources and facilities that encourage participation and individual learning and our staff are highly skilled to assist families and children to access these services and find new avenues for learning, enjoyment and participation.  

We manage risks within the organisation through our Risk Management Policy and this includes identifying and managing any risks to children in our libraries. We will report, investigate and act on any issues of child safety, and report allegations or incidents of child abuse and neglect to the appropriate authorities.  

We recognise our responsibility in keeping children safe from abuse from those associated with our organisation.  We have rigorous processes for recruitment to ensure staff are well suited to their roles and all staff are required to abide by our Code of Conduct, including conduct related to working with children. Under the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act (2005) we will thoroughly investigate and report any allegations of child abuse and neglect by staff, direct contactors and volunteers to the Commission for Children and Young People as required through the Reportable Conduct Scheme.  


The eleven Child Safe Standards

Child Safe Standard 1:
Organisations establish a culturally safe environment in which the diverse and unique identities and experiences of Aboriginal children and young people are respected and valued. 

Child Safe Standard 2:
Child safety and wellbeing is embedded in organisational leadership, governance, and culture.  

Child Safe Standard 3:
Children and young people are empowered about their rights, participate in decisions affecting them and are taken seriously.  

Child Safe Standard 4:
Families and communities are informed, and involved in promoting child safety and wellbeing.   

Child Safe Standard 5:
Equity is upheld and diverse needs respected in policy and practice.  

Child Safe Standard 6:
People working with children and young people are suitable and supported to reflect child safety and wellbeing values in practice.  

Child Safe Standard 7:
Processes for complaints and concerns are child focused.  

Child Safe Standard 8:
Staff and volunteers are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and awareness to keep children and young people safe through ongoing education and training.  

Child Safe Standard 9:
Physical and online environments promote safety and wellbeing while minimising the opportunity for children and young people to be harmed.  

Child Safe Standard 10:
Implementation of the Child Safe Standards is regularly reviewed and improved.  

Child Safe Standard 11:
Policies and procedures document how the organisation is safe for children and young people.  

The Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) is the oversight body for the implementation of the eleven Child Safe Standards. For more information see the Commission's website


Please read our Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy here.