Don’t let overdue fines come between you and your library | Goldfields Library Corporation

Don’t let overdue fines come between you and your library

Wednesday 4 December 2019

Goldfields Libraries are celebrating the end of the year with a fines amnesty. Bring in any overdue items during December or come in and chat with our friendly staff members to have your fines cleared and start borrowing again.

“We understand that life gets busy and we forget to return items sometimes, but we don’t want that to stop you from enjoying your local library, ” says Goldfields Libraries Collection Manager Clare Brown. “It doesn’t matter whether your item is two days overdue or two years overdue. Return it to your local library and no fines will be applied.”

The amnesty also applies to previously accrued fines. If you have fines currently on your account visit your nearest library and talk to a staff member to have them cleared. No questions asked.

As well as removing potential barriers for access, the amnesty will help to fill any gaps in the library’s collection due to ‘lost’ items.

“We currently have a large number of overdue or lost items across the region. By removing fines on these items we hope to have them return to the collection for others to enjoy,” said Ms Brown.

The December Fines Amnesty is on for the duration of December and will end on Thursday 2 January. For your closest return point visit