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Goldfields Libraries listens to community feedback on Children’s Play and Learn Screen

Friday 16 February 2018

A recent meeting between community members and Goldfields Libraries has seen some welcome changes in the children’s area at the Library.

The installation of the Children’s Play and Learn Screen at the Castlemaine Library over two years ago caused some ongoing disquiet from a section of the community who were unhappy about its inclusion in the children’s space.

In response to ongoing feedback and a recent petition to the Board of Goldfields Libraries, CEO Mark Hands and Castlemaine Library Manager Jess Saunders met with some of the petition’s organisers to see if they could reach a compromise, and address the issues that it raised.

“The main issue with the screen at the Library is with its placement; some members of the community felt it was hard to avoid when they were using the library with their children. We acknowledge that many parents want to limit screen time for their children, so as a result of this discussion, we have implemented a schedule which rosters regular blocks of time each day when the screen will be turned off – roughly one-third of library opening hours” says Mr  Hands.

“Once families are familiar with this schedule, it will allow them to plan their visits to the Library at a time when the screen will not be a distraction. Alternatively, families who enjoy using the literacy and numeracy games as part of their library visit will be encouraged to visit during the times the screen is on” says Ms Saunders.

“We’ve also created a new space that links the junior areas of the Library, and provides a quiet reading space away from the screen.”

The screen will be off Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings before and during Story, Toddler and Baby Rhyme Times, Monday and Thursday afternoons, and for an hour on Saturday afternoon.

Ms Saunders encourages families to come and check out the new space and schedule and give feedback, which will help inform the Library’s commitment to compromise and resolution for all community users.

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