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Exhibition celebrates super powers of children with different abilities

Thursday 6 May 2021

Bendigo Library is showcasing the lives, abilities, and awesomeness of children with disabilities this month with an inspiring and heart-warming photographic exhibition by award-winning photographer and author Rachel Callander.

The exhibition was inspired by Rachel’s late daughter Evie who was born with a rare chromosomal condition, and tragically, passed away at just two years old.

During her time in the healthcare system with Evie, Rachel became aware that the language around people with disabilities was very deficit-focussed, particularly in the medical world. So, after Evie’s passing, Rachel set out on a mission to challenge this and encourage language that empowers and celebrates uniqueness and ability.

“Evie was so much more than her diagnosis. She was this incredible, beautiful being. She had the ability to draw people to her like a magnet and evoked care and love beyond imaginable depths. I reckon she had super powers actually”, says Rachel.

Three years after Evie’s passing, Rachel began work on her first book, Super Power Baby Project, and in 2019 released the follow-up, Super Power Kids. Both books feature striking portraits of children with disabilities, showcasing their strengths, unique talents and unbeatable spirit.

“We need to stretch ‘normal’ as far and as wide as we possibly can so that people are included for what they can do and what they bring to the world”.

“Evie set my life on a trajectory that I never could have imagined. I felt so privileged to be able to make these images of these beautiful children. It was one of the happiest moments in my life”.

The Super Power Kids exhibition features a selection of portraits from Rachel’s books and will be on display at the Bendigo Library until the end of May. Copies of Super Power Baby Project will be available to borrow from the library soon.

To learn more about Evie and Rachel’s inspiring journey, watch Rachel’s chat with Lucy Mayes on the Goldfields Libraries YouTube channel:

I am just a normal mum looking after a child with super powers. I am not amazing. He is my heart and soul and I am doing my best for him. This is life.