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 A New Era

Library Services in Rural Communities: A New Era

New Library Agencies Information Page

Check out our new library agencies information page for opening dates and hours, addresses and more. 

Bulletin 8 - Tuesday 31 January 2017

Library Agency Opening Dates

Now that the mobile library service has finished up, seven new Library Agencies are opening in the Loddon Shire and northern areas of the City of Greater Bendigo. These, along with Pyramid Hill, make eight Library Agencies across the region. Opening days in February 2017 are listed below.  

Town Agency Location Opening Date and Time Usual Opening Hours
Wedderburn Wedderburn Community Centre,
24 Wilson Street, Wedderburn
Wednesday 8 February 2017,
Tuesday to Thursday
Boort Boort Resource and Information Centre,
119-121 Godfrey Street, Boort
Thursday 9 February 2017,
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Inglewood Inglewood Community Neighbourhood House,
Inglewood Town Hall Hub,
20 Verdon Street, Inglewood
Monday 13 February 2017,
Monday to Thursday
Pyramid Hill
Pyramid Hill Neighbourhood House,
Unit 5-8/43 Kelly Street, Pyramid Hill
Already Open
Monday, 10am-2pm
Tuesday to Thursday, 10am-4pm
Friday, 10am-12pm
Tarnagulla Tarnagulla Community Centre,
8 Sandy Creek Lane, Tarnagulla
Thursday 9 February 2017,
Thursday 1-4pm
Dingee Dingee Memorial Hall,
26 Mack Street, Dingee
Tuesday 7 February 2017,
Tuesday 9-11am
Thursday 3.30-5.30pm
Axedale Axedale Public Hall,
94 McIvor Road, Axedale
Friday 10 February 2017,
Friday 2-5pm*
Elmore Athenaeum Hall,
62 Michie Street, Elmore
Friday 10 February 2017,
Monday 11am-2pm
Friday 10.45am-12.15pm

- Tarnagulla's usual opening hours are Thursdays 1-4pm
- Axedale has extended it's opening hours to Fridays 2-5pm

Loans and returns over the holiday period

All Loans have been automatically extended to Monday 13 February, 2017, to cover the holiday period. Borrowers can return loans to the library agencies from the opening dates, or to any other Goldfields Library branch.

Elmore Library AgencyElmore Library Agency

We are delighted to announce that the Elmore Athenaeum Hall will host the library agency for the town (pictured right). This is a marvellous space, a grand historical building with two rooms dedicated for library use. A very heartfelt thank you goes out to the Elmore Memorial Hall Complex Committee of Management for working so collaboratively and positively with Goldfields Libraries to develop a solution in Elmore that we all think will be fantastic.

The Elmore Library Agency will be open on Mondays 11am-2pm and Fridays 10.45am-12.15pm.

The Athenaeum Hall backs on to the Memorial Hall in Elmore and is the original home of the Elmore Library! If you look closely, you can see the “Library” sign rendered on the building above the door.

Storytime sessions have now been scheduled for Elmore, and will be hosted monthly, beginning at 11.30am on Friday 17 March 2017. 

Wedderburn Library Agency

Wedderburn Community Centre is having building works carried out over the next 4-8 weeks.  The library area will initially be smaller and open for three days per week until the building works are finished.  Once works are complete, the library will move to a larger area in the building, have significantly more shelving and books, and be open five days per week.

“How To” Roadshow for new Library Agencies

Library staff will be running sessions to introduce people to the new library agencies. People can learn how to use the self-loan kiosk, how to reserve items, renew items and use the catalogue. They can also learn about the library website, how to make the most of library resources, as well as the eLibrary and digital resources. Sessions will be running during the third and fourth weeks of February 2017 in all of the new library agencies on the following dates:

Wedderburn   Tuesday 14 & 21 February, 2.15-3.45pm
Boort    Thursday 16 & 23 February, 10-11.15am
Inglewood  Tuesday 14 & 21 February, 11.15am-12.45pm
Tarnagulla Thursday 16 & 23 February, 3-4pm
Dingee Tuesday 14 & 21 February, 9.15-10-15am
Axedale Friday 17 & 24 February, 2-3pm
Elmore Friday 17 & 24 February, 10.45am-12.15pm

Tarnagulla Library AgencyTarnagulla Agency Setting Up to Open

A team of library staff are setting up library agencies across the region in readiness for openings from next week. Pictured right are our staff and local volunteers setting up the Tarnagulla Library Agency. 

What will you find in a Library Agency?

The library agencies will have books and collection on shelves for borrowers to browse, as well as a self-loan area to borrow, reserve and return items.  The agencies will be attended by local staff and volunteers during opening hours, and there will be library staff from Goldfields Library Corporation on hand once a week.

Library users will be able to browse the collection in the agency or search the library catalogue and reserve any of the 300,000 items across the entire Goldfields Libraries collection.

  • Reserves will be delivered to agencies weekly for patrons to pick up 
  • Drop off returns, pick up reserves, browse and borrow from the collection 
  • Sit and read, browse magazines or catch up with friends 
  • Library programs such as Storytimes for kids and digital literacy programs for adults will run on a regular basis

For the library agencies webpage visit: